Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date, How to Watch & Trailers

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    Black Mirror fans were devastated when the series was taken off Channel 4 and moved over to subscription service Netflix for season 3, and you'll still need a subscription for the upcoming

    fourth season. But it is possible to stream Black Mirror for free.

    We explain what to expect from Black Mirror season 4, when to expect it, and how to tune in free.

    When is Black Mirror back on?

    The Black Mirror Season 4 release date is 29 December 2017.

    Black Mirror 4 episode details

    Directors for the series include Jodie Foster (Arkangel), Colm McCarthy, John Hillcoat, Tim Van Patten, David Slade and Toby Haynes. The line-up of actors includes Maxine Peake, George Blagden, Douglas Hodge and Kiran Sonia Sawar.

    Created by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, Jones has revealed details about each of the six episodes in Season 4 to The Independent. We have summarised her comments below.

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 1: Crocodile

    Set in Iceland in the near future, Crocodile follows Andrea Riseborough as she attempts to solve a dilemma. In this future "memories are no longer private and can be dredged", says Jones, "sometimes in helpful ways".

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 2: Arkangel

    Directed by Jodie Foster, Arkangel is a creepy indie movie set in the US but filmed in Canada. It focuses on a mother facing the reality of looking after her young daughter in an increasingly technical world. Jones says Arkangel "asks how do you be a responsible mother in a world in which you can be all-powerful and omnipresent?"

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 3: Hang The DJ

    Comedy and sex are rife in Hang The DJ, but Jones gives away little else. "Hang the DJ doesn’t look contemporary but some of the observations and scenes that it tackles are," she says.

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 4: USS Callister

    A space drama with a "clever spin", USS Callister is "an absolute visual feast and really high octane", says Jones.

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 5: Metalhead

    Filmed entirely in black and white, Jones says this "creative decision was earned by the world we’re portraying".

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 6: Black Museum

    Three stories in one, Jones relates Black Museum to "popcorn". She says it's "full of ideas that whip along and before you know it you’re at the end of a 90-minute film... It’s just unrelenting."

    What is Black Mirror?

    One of the sleeper hits of recent times, Black Mirror is making a sensational return. Brooker, the man behind cult classics such as Nathan Barley, debuted Black Mirror on Channel 4 back in 2011 to rave reviews.

    Its depiction of life in a universe slightly ahead and slightly parallel to our own was stark – technology took a centre stage as morality, violence, sex and human interaction blurred to tell ambiguous tales of dystopia. So far, so bleak.

    After Mad Men’s Jon Hamm featured in the 2014 Christmas special, Black Mirror has got bigger with stars like Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World, The Help) at the helm to ramp up global interest in the fatal flaws of the human condition. Technology, and our reliance on and addiction to it, often takes centre stage.

    How to watch Black Mirror free online

    Black Mirror is exclusive to Netflix, and will be released as an entire season rather than a staggered release. That means you'll be able to binge-watch, which is handy if you'd like to be able to do so for free.

    Netflix offers a free one-month trial, after which it costs from just £5.99 per month.

    Click here to view Netflix subscriptions deals.

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