Apple Education Event: How to Watch & What to Expect

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    What better place to hold an education event than at a school? Apple's March 27 special event will take place at Lane Tech College Prep high school in Chicago, with proceedings

    kicking off at 10am. That's US time, of course, and over here in the UK most schools will be about to let out at 4pm.

    Though Apple has not yet confirmed it will hold a live stream, we expect it to host a live video over on its Events page. We won't be able to embed it here, but we will be keeping you posted on all the announcements - both here and on our sister site Macworld.

    So what are those announcements likely to be?

    What will Apple announce at its March Education Event?

    Though there is an outside chance of some hardware being announced at the event - the invitation shown at the top of this page looks very much like it was created with an Apple Pencil on an iPad, for example - our money is mostly on software, with the big hardware announcements more suitable for a WWDC launch on 4 June.

    This is backed up by a Bloomberg report that claims Apple will challenge Microsoft and Google's classroom dominance by announcing low cost iPads and education software.

    The last Apple Education Event took place six years ago, and it had nothing to do with hardware announcements, but signs point towards alluring hardware in order to sell educational software.

    Apple may well have created an event just to talk about Everyone Can Code, a programme that it says lets anyone learn, write and teach code.

    This fits in with the tagline, too: "Let's go on a field trip. Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students."

    (FYI: Apple holds events for school kids and teachers in its retail stores, and these are branded as Field Trips.)

    It could also talk about Swift, or student discounts, note our colleagues at Macworld UK.

    Should we see some hardware announced it would need to be appropriate to school learning, so more likely a revision to the standard 9.7in iPad than the upcoming 2018 iPad Pro, or perhaps new MacBooks. An iPhone SE 2 is also heavily tipped to launch imminently, though we're not sure an Education Event is the best place to announce it.

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