Samsung Galaxy S9+ review - The best Galaxy ever is almost perfect

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    When you first set eyes on the Galaxy S9+ you’ll be excused for wondering what has actually changed.

    This new phone keeps Samsung’s iconic curved design and appears almost

    identical to the previous generation Galaxy S8+.

    In fact, the only big difference comes in the form of the new dual-lens camera and repositioning of the fingerprint scanner which, thankfully, has now been placed slap-bang in centre of the device making it far easier to use.

    Samsung won every award going in 2017 so it’s no wonder they haven’t tinkered too much with the look of S9+.

    And you can’t really blame them for this decision as their new flagship still has bucket-loads of appeal.

    The clever design also means Samsung can cram its huge 6.2-inch AMOLED Infinity display into a phone that doesn’t actually feel too big to handle.

    This screen covers almost every inch of the S9+ and continues to offer one of the best experiences on the market.

    Samsung leads the field with its screen technology and the S9+ features a superior level of colour, brightness and contrast.

    We genuinely love the look of the S9+ and there’s no question this will continue to be one of the best looking devices of 2018 but it’s not radically different from the Galaxy S8+ and simply doesn’t feel as exciting as when that device launched last year.

    It’s also worth noting that, despite Samsung’s unique curved design, the S9+ is a big smartphone and if you’re looking for something that will slip in your skinny jeans you might want to look elsewhere.

    Like most devices that are covered in glass the rear cover is also a magnet for fingerprints making it pretty hard to keep it looking box fresh.

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