OnePlus 6 release date: Fresh LEAK reveals new details about flagship smartphone

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    If the leaked benchmark score is accurate, OnePlus 6 will be faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9, which clocked-in at 241,470 in the AnTuTu test.

    Even the £999

    only managed a score of 226,000.

    Obviously, benchmark scores are not indicative of real-world performance – which is based on a slew of different factors.

    But while we would never recommend making a phone purchase based solely on the results of a benchmark app, it does hint at the sheer power OnePlus purportedly plans to include in its new hardware.

    This could be used to power some interesting new computational photography features, or make the smartphone an ideal choice for those who enjoy graphic-intensive video games on-the-go.

    Elsewhere, the leaked AnTuTu screenshots obtained by AndroidCentral appear to corroborate earlier leaked photos of the OnePlus 6 design.

    The screenshots reveal a conspicuous space at the top of the display, with the clock pushed over to the left and a swathe of icons housed in the right-hand corner.

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