Bad news for BA as UK's strongest brands named

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    The company, which is celebrating its 60th year making children's building blocks, had been in second place in 2017.

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    Last year's winner British Airways, meanwhile, plunged, falling out of the top 20.

    Gillette was up three places to replace them, while Apple also rose three places from last year to come in third.

    The list is determined by 2,500 consumers, who are asked to rank each brand for quality, reliability and distinction for the Centre for Brand Analysis.

    Superbrands chairman Stephen Cheliotis said: "British Airways tumbling from top spot to outside of the top 20 should be a wake-up call for all brands.

    "In a world where customer expectations have rightfully risen, brands cannot afford to disappoint and need to continually deliver to retain their valuable reputations.

    "No brand, however strong, is immune to changing consumer sentiment."

    The top five brands

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