Waldo Google Maps - Where’s Wally added as new mini-game ahead of April Fool’s Day 2018

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    Waldo (aka Wally), the star of the Where’s Waldo and the Where’s Wally books, is hiding out in right now.

    To celebrate April Fool’s Day 2018, Google Maps

    have added the Easter Egg starring Waldo and friends Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw and Woof the dog.

    Waldo will be appearing in Google Maps for a week, starting from Saturday March 31 2018.

    To join in the search for Wally, desktop users will just need head to www.google.com/maps to begin their hunt.

    Android and iOS users, meanwhile, will need to update their Google Maps app first.

    Once that is done, simply load up Google Maps and you will see Wally waving at you from the side of your screen.

    Click on that and then you’ll be able to join in the Where’s Waldo hunt.

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