ANDROID WARNING - Terrifying malware can literally DESTROY your smartphone

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    Android users have been put on alert about a cryptocurrency mining malware strain that can destroy phones and is almost impossible to uninstall.

    The newly discovered HiddenMiner malware is designed to use

    Android devices to mine for the Bitcoin alternative Monero.

    But the dangerous malware eats up resources so much that it can cause a phone to suffer from battery bloating, overheating and eventually destroy it.

    This is reminiscent to the Loapi malware, discovered last year, which put so much strain on a phone’s processor that it almost caused devices to explode.

    Besides being a safety risk, the HiddenMiner malware is virtually impossible to uninstall from devices running anything lower that Android 7.0 Nougat.

    While this is an out-of-date OS, devices running Nougat and above account for less than 30 per cent of all Android devices, TechRepublic reported.

    The new strain of Android malware was discovered by security experts Trend Micro.

    They explained that HiddenMiner is found in third-party app marketplaces, and poses as a legitimate Google Play update app.

    It requires a user’s permission to grant it administrator privileges, and once it does it will start mining Monero in the background.

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