Samsung may finally fix a problem that began on the Galaxy S8

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    Samsung has improved the design on the recently released Galaxy S9 and S9+ but many still believe the best place for the security feature is on the front.

    Now it seems a

    fix is on its way.

    A new report from The Korea Herald claims Samsung may have worked out a way to put a fingerprint sensor underneath the AMOLED display.

    In fact, if the report is true is appears that the display team at the Korean technology firm may have come up with three or four solutions.

    Time will tell if this rumour becomes a reality but this technology has already been implemented in a rival device.

    Chinese phone makers which includes a sensor hidden neatly under the display.

    Vivo says it is the “first ready-to-produce smartphone featuring in-display fingerprint scanning technology”.

    The in-display sensor works like any other fingerprint scanner, except that a graphical UI highlights where users should place their finger – rather than a physical sensor.

    The fingerprint sensor UI appears whenever a user might need to authenticate with their fingerprint, such as when the display is off, when a secure app loads, or during a contactless payment.

    Vivo owners can press the fingerprint graphic on the screen to perform unlocking, payment and other operations.

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