BT price drop from TOMORROW - Is your bill about to get cheaper? Find out here

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    BT prices are falling by 37 per cent from Sunday - but only some customers will see the strain on their wallets eased.

    BT customers that only have a landline, without any

    broadband, will see their monthly bill cut by £7 from this Sunday.

    The price cut, which will see bills drop from £18.99 to £11.99, is kicking in following intervention from Ofcom.

    The changes will benefit a group of BT customers that are mainly elderly and will save them £84 a year.

    As part of the agreement, BT will also cap line rental and call charges, to ensure it increases by no more than inflation for three years.

    Jonathan Oxley, Ofcom’s Competition Group Director, said: “We had serious concerns about soaring bills for loyal landline customers.

    “This was hurting people who rely on their landline, many of whom are elderly.

    “We’re pleased that BT has cut prices, which means these customers get a fairer deal, and they’ll be protected from price rises in the coming years.”

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